Laura Villafañe Roca

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Beckman Institute

AIAA Illinois Section Chair

Graduate Students

Tuhin Bandopadhyay

Ph.D. Student

Aerospace Engineering

Particle-laden flows, 
Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Hussein Al-Rashdan

Ph.D. Student

Aerospace Engineering

Plume surface interactions, 
Flow diagnostics


Nicolas Rasmont

Ph.D. Student

Aerospace Engineering

Plume-surface interactions, 
Mmwave interferometry, 
Ejecta modeling and reconstruction

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 7.22.02 PM

Cutler Phillippe

Ph.D. Student

Aerospace Engineering

Parachute textile mechanics and FSI


German Saltar Rivera

Ph.D. Student

Aerospace Engineering

Machine learning models for turbulent particle-laden flows


Carla Conesa Fuentes

M.S. Student

Aerospace Engineering

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 7.26.26 PM

Liam Heuser

Ph.D. Student

Aerospace Engineering

Plume surface interactions


Lorenzo Bruni

Ph.D. Student

Aerospace Engineering

Plume-surface interactions, data reduction and model discovery

UnderGraduate Students


Ishaan Bansal


Aerospace Engineering

Plume surface interactions

Pranet Patil


Aerospace Engineering

Multiphase flows

Aryan Vipul Shah


Aerospace Engineering

Plume surface interactions



Abhisheka Mathur Sekar


MS Thesis 2024 - Experimental Techniques for Concentration Measurements using Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Evan Crowe


MS Thesis 2022 - Design of a New Vertical Channel Flow Facility to Study Particle Laden Turbulent Flows

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 7.54.02 PM

Ari Jain

Georgia Tech, PhD. student

MS Thesis 2022 - Experimental Investigation of Particle-Laden Underexpanded Jet Flows


Alvaro Tomas Gil

MS Thesis 2020 - Topological and Temporal Analysis of Particle Clusters in Turbulent Flows using Density-based Clustering Algorithms

Undergraduate Students Alumni

(Underlined major contributors to research activities)

  • Liam Heuser, 2024. Continuing as PhD candidate at UIUC
  • Jeremy Huang, 2024. Joined Aerospace Engineering at Stanford University as PhD candidate.
  • Henry Boesh, 2024. Continuing at UIUC, Aerospace Engineering department as PhD candidate
  • Vinay Varghese Vellara, 2024
  • Richeek Dutta, 2023. Joining Georgia Tech as PhD candidate in Fall 2024
  • Yair Guerrero, 2022
  • Divyansh Ojha, 2022
  • Navya Meka, 2022
  • Vansh Jain, 2022
  • Paloma Planelles Girones, 2022
  • Audrey Godsell, 2022
  • Seongyong Hong, 2022
  • Konstantinos Goros, 2022
  • Rishi Patel, 2022
  • Aryan Chawla, 2022
  • Nihar Bodicharla, 2022
  • Neha Bagde, 2022
  • Krishna Modi, 2021
  • Alexa English, 2021
  • Fangwen Cheng, 2021, website creator
  • Theo Angkasa, 2021-2022
  • Samuel Chen, 2020-2021
  • Ben Schultz, 2020-2021
  • Mateusz Korzen, 2019
  • Daniel Steinberg, 2019

Group Photos


Eclipse day - Spring 2024

With MRI test preparation ready in advance... decided to go Eclipse watching with West Point visitors and friends


Post-pandemic BBQ - Spring 2022

Turbulent and Multiphase Group Photo - Fall 2021

Mission accomplished! Vertical channel team  - Fall 2021

Design, structural analysis, manufacturing, lots of polishing, and channel rising completed!